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Plain Natural Yogurt


Fresh and natural yogurt in all its great tasting glory! Smooth and creamy. Comes in two varieties of sweetened and unsweetened, please specify which you’d prefer delivered to you.

All our yogurts are preservatives free which means they are gut friendly because of the presence of live cultures in them!


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Recipe for making your own yogurt at home:

1 200ml Joly Natural Yogurt

2 litres of clean water

400g milk powder ( Dano, Peak etc)

Glass jars

A cooler

Heavy clean kitchen napkins


Boil the 2 litres of water and let it cool down until it’s warm to touch.

Add the milk powder and mix until completely dissolved.

Add Joly Yogurt and stir well.

Pour into clean, sterilized glass jars and place in the cooler. Wrap the jars with the napkin and close the cooler.

Place the cooler in a cool, dark place and leave undisturbed for 16-20 hours.

Remove jars and place in a freezer immediately. Allow it cool for 6 hours.

Sweeten yogurt to taste and enjoy yourself thoroughly!

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200ml, 4 litres, 450ml

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