Special Fried Rice
March 9, 2015


So much has happened since the last time I blogged, will be sharing that gradually. This recipe was shared last year but it got lost while moving the blog so here we go again.

Abgalumo or Udala needs no introduction, it’s a fruit currently in season, we love it’s juice seeds..

it’s flesh and use the back as chewing gum!

Beyond all the fun things we love to do with them, here are some  amazing benefits.

It is:

High in vitamin C (You can tell from its tangy taste)
High in anti-oxidants
Full of fiber (It’s flesh and Skin which are all edible)
A low glycemic fruit (Which means diabetics can enjoy it)
Believed to aid fertility

Just incase you skip it because of it’s sometimes tartness, here is a recipe you can enjoy, I call it Udalatini or Agbalutini 🙂

Paired with star anise which is an Asian spice with a sweet fragrance, it comes mostly as whole dry spice or as an extract. This spice really does pair well with agbalumo, even if you are averse to pepper or ginger which are also necessary because they both add a bite to the fruit juice once it’s done, but star anise just takes it to another level! They even look alike somehow, simillar star shape, both seeds have shiny hard crusts, even their names are similar..star anise, African star fruit..just saying 🙂

They are even have similarities

It is sold in Spar, Shoprite and other ethnic owned supermarkets like Osata in Opebi if you stay in Lagos. I also added dry pepper and ginger as I mentioned earlier for that added punch with a dash of lemon to bring it all together.

10 ripe agbalumo ( try and get the ones with red flesh)
I large pineapple
2-3 small whole dry pepper
2 star anise spice or 1/4 teaspoon star anise extract
2 cups water (500ml)
4 tablespoons of sugar or 3-4 stevia of drops or 3 sachets of splenda or according to taste

Wash the agbalumo and remove the flesh, blend coarsely, set aside.

Wash, peel the pineapple, blend it and add to a pot. Blend and add the agbalumo flesh to the pineapple puree along with the star anise, ginger and dry pepper, boil for 30 minutes then turn off the heat.

Let it cool then sieve through a fine mesh so all you have left is the juice.

Sweeten as you like, chill, add a dash of lemon just before serving.



Azu 🙂

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