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February 20, 2015
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March 9, 2015
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Good Morning wonderful people!

It is with gladness in my heart that I bring you great tidings (Lol…)

I’m sorry I haven’t shared a new recipe since the burger patties, I have always said that even when I’m not putting up new posts, I’m still working for good of the blog. About two weeks ago, I was contacted by the team putting together the Global Cookbook for 2015 Expo in Italy later this year. I feel very honoured to have been selected and be sharing space with chefs, cooks and bloggers globally. So  far, six recipes have been published on the website and I’m still uploading more recipes.

I thank God for this global positioning, by Gods grace it will lead to greater opportunities because so far, since the blogs recipes got published on the site, there’s been alot of traffic from EU where the Expo will be held in May. On the top right hand side of the blog is displayed my contributor badge 😀 , click on it to visit the website. I have screen grabs of where my recipes appear on the site, I’m really excited and thought to share with us!


Really cool huh?


The blog also features where countries scroll



One more step towards becoming an internationally acclaimed chef…I thank God.


Suya on Steroid representing!

I’m still uploading recipes onto the website but will definitely share something new, please bare with me :-).

Have a great weekend ahead!

See you on Monday by God’s grace 🙂 .




  1. isioma says:

    Congratulations my dearest chef this indeed is a great milestone to Clara’scorner. Please keep dazzling them we await new recipes. Will do well to check it out. God bless ur achievements.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. sarah says:

    So so happy for you. You have made us proud. I pray this opens bigger doors for you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    woooww..happy for you, International boundary been opened…many more IJN…dnt relent ok…we shall show our encouragement

  5. helen says:


  6. Maria says:

    Wow congrats,u deserve it truly. Ur blog has taught me new recipes & am i’m so happy for u.

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