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January 26, 2015
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Happy Thursday!

I have shared on benefits of almonds before, so today it’s all about how I enjoy my almonds 🙂 . Sometime last year a friend travelled to Dubai and bought me almonds, cinnamon sticks and dates. However if you’ve followed this blog long enough you will know I’m too much of a sweet tooth to go on eating salted almonds on Its own. I love chocolate and prefer ones with nuts so, one of the days while snacking on almonds,  I suddenly remembered I had Nutella and ran to my pantry…now that was a good evening.


My Dubai stash

The almonds were polished and tasted salty though lemon was used instead of salt which even makes it a healthier snack, delicious they were that I’m sure you totally understand why I didn’t include the almonds in the shot above because…

That's all I have left!

That’s all I have left!

After finally taking the pictures on Saturday, I relaxed with the bowl of almonds…managed to take the above shot this morning 😀 .

Now I decided to share with us earlier than this but then there was one problem…I finished the first bottle of  Nutella before I got a chance to take pictures.. 🙁 .


So..I had to buy another, even that one was at the risk of finishing when I finally took shots 😀


See the difference between the regular almonds and the Dubai ones?


Now to the good stuff..

Dipped in the goodnedd of Nutella

Dipped in the goodness of Nutella



As you get ready for the weekend, let this inspire your relaxing time!


Have a great weekend! Azu 🙂 .


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