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December 23, 2014
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December 31, 2014
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Happy Holidays!

It’s been a very eventful holiday for me, I’m lying down on a hammock thinking of how to compose this post, but the lovely fresh air and serene environment is way too relaxing for me to concentrate and finish the post so here we are, the post is a day late, sorry 🙁 . This holiday was spent mostly with family at different times, I thank God that each one of those times was filled with joy, laughter…lots and lots of it, good food and great company. I tell you it’s difficult to break away from the fun and get some work done, some of my cousins were able to though but I couldn’t,  lol!

I hope I shared enough recipes for people to try out this season, I have gotten some comments already and I’m glad to have received them, makes all my effort at churning out recipes this season worth it. Todays or do I say yesterday’s post..hehe..is about what I enjoy most this season. Apart from the obvious which is spending time with family, eating, laughing and arguing, you can tell I love the eating snacking part alot. There’s always so much to eat and drink, you just want to take alittle of everything so you don’t get full on one thing. I get stomach bugs alot this season and naturally I discovered the one thing that surely calms the tummy-fresh garlic. Something about it that calms churning and soothes the belly, will do a post on that soon.

One thing I enjoy this season, apart from fried meat, fried chicken, rice, abacha, palm wine 🙂 , Isi ewu, pepper soup…surely you know the list goes on so I will stop here, in the midst of all that list, I enjoy Aki na Ukwa.

Roasted Ukwa

Roasted Ukwa

Ukwa is also called breadfruit here in Nigeria and seeded breafruit or breadnut abroad. It’s found in the eastern part of the country and is bought and enjoyed around this time because that’s when people travel home for Christmas and trust my people not to dull hand, its usually more expensive around this time too.


We buy it all the same when coming back, a piece of the village you could call it. Ukwa comes fresh, dried or roasted, as a snack it comes roasted and is sold with aki, palm kernel which makes it a proper jaw breaking snack, these days I spare myself the headache and either soak the dried aki or simply use coconut, sweet, juicy, fleshy coconut! I can’t shout, lol!


So if you are in the village this season planning on coming back soon, here are a few reasons why you should bag lots of Ukwa.

Ukwa is very high in fibre which is great for colon health because foods that are high in fibre help with bowel movement,  keeping the stomach healthy.


They are also high in carbohydrates but the good kind, I’m guessing they have low glcemic index because it is recommended for diabetes patients, that and also because;

It is a rich source of protein.

It also contains vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, B-Vitamins,  calcium and zinc.

Its equally low in fat and though oil can be seen floating on top when boiled and can be extracted, it’s rich in unsaturated fatty acids which is healthier than most other forms oils especially animal fat.

Certainly a healthy snack when roasted without all this oyibo (English) , incase you are coming back from an Ibo village anytime soon, don’t miss buying a bottle or two.


Happy Holidays once again, hoping to share pictures of what I ate and did with myself this holiday tomorrow,  still in the holiday mood so no promises 😀 , do enjoy the rest of the holiday before work starts.

Azu 🙂 .

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