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Aloha! 🙂

3rd of December and I feel like it’s Christmas already. Really can’t wait, quite excited about this years Christmas.  Though we are still a young family unit and don’t host much, we always have special meals planned out and it’s fun all the way. A very popular hosting food is coleslaw, easier to make than regular salad and keeps better. Infact, coleslaws are originally meant to be eaten after it has either stayed a few hours or overnight,  that way the juices of the vegetables would have mixed together giving a rich tasting salad.

Regular coleslaw

Regular coleslaw

It won’t come as a suprise that I don’t eat regular slaw, just find it abit boring. I didn’t plan to make this a recipe because as far as I was concerned,  it’s just a slaw variation.  Though I don’t make it this way all the time, depends on what I have at home, the only constant ingredients in my coleslaw are : raisins, sweet corn, tuna flakes and green pepper, more often than not I add pasta to it and sometimes cucumber. I add so many things to it, I’m not sure it can be called coleslaw anymore, that’s why I called it vegetable pasta salad. I put up the picture as my BBM display picture and had people asking me how I made it, so I decided to share. It’s quite simple, tasty and I make alot at a time and eat it for 2-3 days. The absence of lettuce and tomato helps it stay longer. You can use any kind of spiral pasta you like, I love the vegetable pasta and have used it in a recipe before Click Here , no weird taste and you know you aren’t just eating plain carbohydrates.

Let it be part of doing things differently this Christmas,  serve this as a side dish to your guests or jejely enjoy it yourself. I know most folks are not used to having raisins in their coleslaw but I tell you it’s lovely. Having different tasting components in the dish is nice but then, personal preferences will win the day. Use whatever ingredients you are comfortable with or that is within reach, try not to make it like the above picture or like the one below with just green pepper or spring onions.


Try something new, live out the blogs mantra by adding variety to everyday meals. Adding so many things to the slaw especially pasta makes a filling dish and can be eaten on it own as a meal. It’s one of my secrets, I eat it as a meal and pair it with a protein sometimes, either a piece of fried fish or chicken and my dinner is set. It’s certainly worth a try. 🙂

Mainly raisins in it

Mainly raisins in it

Ingredients : Serves 8

4 carrots -grated

1 small cabbage -thinly sliced in strips

1 medium green pepper- cut in small cubes

1 small bunch spring onions- cut thinly

1 cup / a handful vegetable pasta -Spar/Park n Shop,  Vcare Supermarket Opebi.

1/2 cup raisins -baking section of supermarkets

1 tin ‘green’ peas- most supermarkets (while you can use fresh ones, make sure it’s cooked well)

1/2  tin sweet corn

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 tin tuna flakes

Dressing of choice


Method :

Boil the pasta until soft according to instructions on the pack. Once cooked, remove from hot water immediately and drench in cold water.

Vegetable Pasta

Vegetable Pasta

Drain the peas of water (if using canned).


Assemble all the ingredients together before you start mixing.


Peas, raisins and sweet corn

Peas, raisins and sweet corn





Azu 🙂 .


***I added avocado to it but didn’t quite like it, that’s why I haven’t included it in the ingredient list. Has a nice crunch without the avocado but you could always try it out for yourself.

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