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November 26, 2014
Vegetable Pasta Salad
December 3, 2014

Happy New Month!

Imagine 1st falling on a Monday, a recipe day!..How awesome is that!

I thought summer this year was my favourite time because of the recipes…I ended up over thinking most of them and decided to share half what I had planned. This month however I am extremely excited! I naturally won’t let the cat out of the bag as per recipes, I have found out that each time I talk about what I have planned out, I simply lose interest and move on to other projects..artist palaver . The main theme of this month is basically doing things differently,  recently Jamie Oliver put his own twist on jollof rice and I’m wondering why people were upset because 90% of what I share on the blog are my own twists to regular recipes. Take for instance my Edikaikong soup, I add ogiri and Okpei both Ibo cooking ingredients,  while a friend playfully warned me not to mess with the soup because it’s sacred…but what is life without variety and breaking rules here and there 😀 .

You see, part of what is affecting most kitchens is that we cook same meals same way every week. There’s a certain level of excitement meals bring plus the fact that it’s easy to tell a family’s standard of living by the food they eat. While there’s nothing wrong with routine especially when you have growing kids, having one or two days for variety will give each member of the family something to look forward to. It’s like refreshing love in a relationship, changing clothes, buying new shoes, that’s what we should do with our meals especially this season. As we prepare for Christmas either in the village with extended family or in town where you live, do something new with regular meals. Bring into your home five star restaurants, let the joy of the season be complete. Make salad differently, add new ingredients,  upgrade your current cooking level.

Vegetable Pasta  Salad with raisins

Vegetable Pasta Salad with raisins

Try new flavours, new ingredients and new cooking methods.  You can be like me that walks into a super store, buys an ingredient I see only on Food Network or that I have never seen before, then go home and google what to do with it, Lol! Sometimes all I need to do is taste it and immediately I start pairing it with other ingredients in my head, sha think out of the box.

Fresh Zobo juice

Fresh Zobo juice

Today’s recipe is my twist on Zobo drink. Zobo is hibiscus leaf as we all know and is more of a fruit drink made with pineapple peel and juice sometimes. Today I’m making it a REAL fruit drink by pairing it with other fruits. This December, there will be alot of eating and jollyfication so in the midst of all that, make this your drink of choice at least 80% of the time, that way come January you won’t need to detox.

Ingredients : ( serves 2 )

2 cups unsweetened Zobo juice (made with ginger and cloves recipe here )

1 cup sweet ripe pineapple chunks

1 small bunch grapes ( about 12-15 grapes)

4 ripe bananas

1/2 cup fresh coconut milk

2 tablespoons pure honey



Method :

Blend the banana, coconut milk and pineapple chunks first, once smooth, add the zobo and honey, blend until smooth.


Chill, enjoy…get refreshed!


🙂 .




  1. chema says:

    Hummmm, looks tasty. I will definitely try this on Xmas day. Please how can I make coconut milk at home.

    • Thanks Chema.
      About making coconut milk at home, grate the flesh of fresh coconut into tiny bits, tiny enough to blend with hit water. Add a little water at a time until it’s as smooth as possible. Add a little more hot water to the coconut, at least enough to cover it then cover and let the milk seep out.

      Strain milk from the coconut chaff using a small hole seive. If the milk is thick, you can use it like that otherwise pour the milk into a glass or transparent cup and let it rest. Gradually the thick coconut milk will float leaving excess water at the bottom. Using a spoon, gently scoop the milk and use in the Zobo Smoothie.

      I will do a post on it soonest, with detailed pictures but I hope this helps.

  2. […] ready for use for gravy or curry but in Zobo Smoothie for instance,  pour the milk into a glass and let it cool down completely undisturbed,  the […]

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