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November 15, 2014
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Feels so good to be typing this post!

I have certainly missed everyone, really need to get Monday recipes going once again! Feels like ages since I have done that! Sorry for my scant postings, working together for the good of the blog, I promise.


Todays post as the name indicates is to re-emphasize the benefits of tomatoes. Tomatoes originated in South America according to Wikipedia. Mexicans however are the ones who converted it to food. Its health benefits cannot be over emphasized.


Growing up my sister Ada ate so many raw tomatoes, I’m convinced that’s why she has such lovely skin. As for me, I chased coconut candy, alewa (local northern sweets), reke (sugar cane) , aya especially the sugar coated ones (tiger nuts/ofio) all over the place. There wasn’t a house where aya and alewa were sold that I didn’t find…and I haven’t lost a tooth! I know you are shaking your head…all that has made me a very sweet person, lol 😀 .

Tomatoes which is now globally grown in several varieties is called just one name here in Nigeria – tomato! Who send Cherry tomato, Roma or Heirloom? They all end up in our pots as stew, if they are lucky, we remember to use them in salads 🙂 , abi I lie?


The great thing about our style of eating tomatoes is that it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the goodness tomatoes have to offer. High in an anti-oxidant called lycopene, it clears the body of free radicals thereby preventing both prostrate and other kinds of cancers. Lycopene unlike most anti-oxidants found in most fruits and vegetables is increased when heated. This means that when we make our dearly beloved stew, we are doing ourselves a huge favour especially if made with healthy oil such as canola or olive oil.  Heating tomato basically increases it’s anti-oxidants. Other tomatoes nutrients are also better absorbed when paired with oil. So even if used in a fresh salad with an olive oil vinaigrette instead of my beloved Bama mayonnaise,  tomato and all its rich nutrients will be well absorbed in the body.


Tomatoes are rich in fibre and low in cholesterol,  this means that when added to meals, like in a tomato salad or salsa, it will leave you feeling full for much longer thereby reducing any need to snack. This trait is the reason why it’s also beleived to aid in weight loss.

It’s advisable to take 75milligrams of vitamin C a day, 1cup of fresh chopped tomatoes gives 25grams according to


Rich in potassium and  calcuim, it’s recently said that it could prevent bone loss in later years.


So you see, many many reasons why you should eat tomatoes in both stew form and in salads.

Enjoy your weekend, see you on Monday, I promise!

Azu 🙂 .



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