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Starting to run out of opening statements, lol. I’m open to suggestions,  I kinda like ‘Hello Foodies’ but my quest for variety just like with food makes me want new ways of saying hello from time to time.

So, today’s product I tried for the first time at the Tasteoff Lagos about 2 weeks ago, now here goes.

Wilson’s Lemonade is a purely Nigerian product, it’s really refreshing especially when served cold. I thoroughly enjoyed it on the Tasteoff day, they gave me extras and even sent me 2 cartoons of both flavours for free! Awesome aren’t they? The lemonade which come is two flavours does taste like lemons so you know it’s made with real lemon juice and it isn’t too sweet because cane sugar is used to sweeten it according to it’s label.

Here’s their company bio: Wilson’s Juice Company is an innovative beverage company, refreshing consumers with real-fruit (not-from concentrate) based juice drinks. Led by Wilson’s Old-fashioned lemonade, Nigeria first NAFDAC approved all-natural lemonade juice drink—NAFDAC number B1-6369L, our company’s portfolio also features Wilsons’s Pink Lemonade.

Our Company is geared towards initiatives that promote active and healthy living. Seun and Seyi were both athletes so that’s very important to them. The company is based in otta, Ogun state and started on a small scale by selling lemonade drinks at Covenant University and has expanded to a mid-sized operation where we are now available in select retail stores across several states nationwide; Abuja, Lagos, Kwara, Akwa Ibom, Ogun and Oyo.


Here is a list of choice stores where they are found here in Lagos:

Shoprite, Ikeja.

Prince Ebeano Supermarket,  Lekki.

Oando Supermarket,  Lekki.

Mama Put, Lekki.

Goodies Supermarket,  Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

Sweet Kiwi,  Victoria Island.

Edichart, Anthony Village.

De’Prince Supermarket, Gbagada.

Home Affairs Supermarket, Gbagada.

Big Treat, Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

Urban Supermarket,  Isolo.

Tehilah Pharmacy,  Amuwo Odofin.

Domino’s Supermarket,  Yaba.

Healthkraft Pharmacy,  Surulere.

New Hall Canteen, Unilag.

Honestly the list goes on and on…

They are practically everywhere, Mushin, Abulegba, Awoyaya, Isheri, Festac, Ajah, Magodo, Maryland, Ogba…phew! They are still in more areas I tell you, visit their website to find a supermarket closest to you www.wilsonsjuiceco.com

Better still, you could order online from Konga.com and have it delivered to you the way mine was.

You bet I had excitedly  torn open the package when I remembered to take a shot :-)

You bet I had excitedly torn open the package when I remembered to take a shot 🙂

So, now to the fun stuff.

You can serve the original lemonade in  long glass, chilled with a slice of cucumber.


The pink lemonade, made from lemons and our beloved Zobo is simply classic!  Serve it in a cocktail or martini glass with a slice of fresh fruits and I tell you no one will guess you served it straight out of a bottle. It has an exotic taste, don’t worry, I love both flavours equally 🙂 .




Now, if you want to totally wow your guests,  make them come visiting even when nothing is happening,  then add a tablespoon of grenadine syrup gently to the 3/4 full glass of lemonade,  the syrup naturally settles at the bottom because it’s thicker and heavier than the lemonade.


Go on, visit a supermarket close to you and pick up a pack of old-fashioned lemonade and pink lemonade or order online from Konga.com/wilsons and impress your guests with this refreshing naturally flavoured drinks!




It can be used to serve guests as is or in a mixture with freshly squeezed juice.





3-11-14 My little fans, after this post was done, a friend and fellow blogger Neker’s Nibs also got to do a review as well. The pictures she took of her kids enjoying the lemonades were so cute I had to add them to the post 😀 .

Ella loved the pink and first sight..lol!

Ella loved the pink and first sight..lol!

So cute!

So cute!




Remember to visit them on www.wilsonsjuiceco.com

Follow their social media handles – @wilsondrinks and

On Facebook – Wilson’s Drinks


Azu, do have a fantastic week! 🙂 .



  1. Alabi samson says:

    This is good. Thanks

  2. It is a good product. I love the ‘lemonic’ feel but I think the branding is below par.

  3. uloaku nnoli says:

    Thanks, I got to try out both flavors thanks to you and I am impressed. your review is also on point. lovely drinks and the fact that it tastes homemade is excellent.
    now I know where to get some.

  4. Alabi samson says:

    Have tasted the 2 flavour. I prefer the classic lemon. Based on my personal experience the classic tastes better. I dont like the Pink Lemonade at all!!!

  5. Alabi samson says:

    Though my daughter like the Pink Lemonade colour but she prefers the Classic lemon as well.

  6. Isioma says:

    Well I would love to see it in a shop near me soon. Thanks for the review my dear chef

  7. neker17 says:

    “Pink lemonade? Oooh I’m so excited, I can’t wait!”
    Those were Ella’s words when she saw the bottles of lemonade. My son went straight for the original flavour.
    Personally, I love the pink one. And I could tell from the taste that there was real lemons in the mix.
    Thank you, dear Aunt Azu!

  8. sarah says:

    Azu thanks for giving me two bottles of this drink, I really enjoyed it. The lemonade is lovely, right taste, the lemon is not too over powering and the sugar is just right. I like the pink one too but would like to have more of the zobo taste. It will be very good to mix with alcohol for cocktails, so I need more bottles to try it out, laughing.

    • Lol! Na real more bottles.
      Yeah, on the Tasteoff day, the Wilson crew actually made coctails with it using alchohol, but as I be saint nweje 🙂 I prefer the alchohol free cocktail hence the two tone grenadine cocktail I made with it.
      Thanks so much for dropping by Sarah, appreciate the review.

  9. wizard chef says:

    WOW!!! I tasted something different,‎​what I read about this product is what it taste,this drinks has a unique taste,I could feel the lemonade flavour and the lemon is not too harsh,the pink lemonade is very attractive in a glass cup,not too sweet,since the pink has zobo flavour,u can increase the flavour of the zobo just abit,but its perfect and good to drink for all age.I dropped a little quantity of grenadine on the lemonade for experiment,the result is extremely wonderful.Good thinking brings Good product,well done wilson lemonade,Thumbs up from wizard chef

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