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Started with a smile, don’t know what else to say. Thank God it’s Friday would also be appropriate but I haven’t shared a recipe in a week so I don’t want to sneak in like nothing happened. Even though I was working on the blog design and some difficult recipes the whole time. I couldn’t find all I wanted in one theme so I decided to stick to the old design for now, though I got great feed back from friends on one particular favorite. Will be redesigning in the future but today, I share a recipe.

One of the recipes that kept me busy last week was my dear dear Zobo syrup, I decided to make a simple pastry with a soft zobo syrup center…the horror!. My perfect fluffy pancake recipe failed me, I went online and got a cake recipe, that one dealt with itself not me, finally I bought a cake mix, yes a cake mix…I was tired Lol. In the midst of all the trial and error, a gentle voice kept telling me to use my Spicy Carrot Tea Loaf mixture which is my own recipe but mba! Madam chef had to go on a wild cake chase. After taking the initial ingredient pictures with the cake mix, I heard that whisper again and I decided to give it a shot keeping my Domo pound cake mix pack within arms reach the whole time. Naturally it turned out beautiful,  I mean what was I thinking the whole time? Plus it’s a healthy combo of the deep rich taste of carrot cake, the sweetness of zobo syrup and very low in calories. I will share the recipe next week by God’s grace because today I want to address another issue.

It rained cats and dogs today after about a weeks break of no rain, before that there had also been a small rain break. The rains have been generous this year, I can’t complain because I love raining season,  I’m sure I have mentioned that before. Coming down with the flu is common this season and most times when I get the flu all I want is hot pap and pepper soup, so I decided to share a very simple goat meat pepper soup.

I used very common spices but for the life of me, I can’t remember what this spice is called in Ibo


…times when I miss my Mum, tastes great in pepper soup though, had to use it. It’s also known as Uyayak/Aidan spice, all you need is a tiny bit plus the spiciness of uziza seeds and efuru, this soup is a good match for the weather!

Now let’s go there! 😀

Ingredients : ( serves 2 )

8-10 pieces goat meat

1 teaspoon dry uziza seeds

1 Efuru/African nutmeg

2 long sticks of Uda

Small piece of Uyayak/Aidan spice

2 fresh Ose Nsukka/Cameroon pepper *optional

1 tablespoon whole crayfish

Handful Nchuanwu leaves

1/2 teaspoon dry Cameroon pepper

1 Maggi crayfish cube

1 Maggi cube

Salt to taste

From left to right clockwise: uda, Nchuanwu leaves, Ose Nsukka (fresh Cameroon pepper ),  Efuru / African nutmeg,  dry uziza seeds and fresh goat meat

From left to right clockwise: uda, Nchuanwu leaves, Ose Nsukka (fresh Cameroon pepper ), Efuru / African nutmeg, dry uziza seeds and fresh goat meat

Small piece of Aidan fruit

Small piece of Uyayak/Aidan spice

Method :

Wash the goat meat thoroughly and season with Maggi cube and  Cameroon pepper. Allow the meat cook in it’s own juices until it runs out before adding 2 cups of water at a time until the meat is half way done.


In the meantime roast the efuru a little over a small gas burner,  remove the seeds from the uda and pound with the uziza seeds and efuru.


Blend the fresh pepper and crayfish together.

Add the ground spices, the small chunk of Aidan/Uyayak spice, pepper blend and Maggi crayfish cube to the goat meat, at this point you can determine how much water you want in the soup, 2 1/2 cups of water is recommended. Taste for salt and pepper.


Allow the soup boil until the meat is cooked, take out the chunk of Aidan spice. Wash and slice the Nchuanwu leaves in thin slices, add to the pepper soup. Let it boil for 1 minute then turn off heat.

Serve hot.


DSCN1407DSCN1419 Have a splendid weekend!

Azu 🙂 .


  1. Ogo says:

    Nice one! As always, great detailed descriptions and clear directions. I have been reading recently about the health benefits of meat-based stocks, broths and soups; pepper soup is a winner anyday, delicious, satisfying and healthy.

  2. Nikki says:

    As always, exceptional. Can I use d same recipe 4 chicken pepper soup? Pls reply. Blessed be.

  3. chinwe says:

    Witout oniuns?

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