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DIY- Vanilla Ice cream – Domo ice-cream powder
August 4, 2014
Clara’s Zobo Jam
August 14, 2014
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Hi people!

Sometime last week I shared an all time favourite- ice cream ! Rich, creamy and homemade with Domo ice cream powder. Making that recipe ensures you know exactly what you and your kids are consuming and it’s cost effective, for NGN1200.00 you get about 2.5/3 litres of creamy ice-cream.

Today’s recipe is also a favourite but prepared differently. About a month ago Zobo syrup and Zobo jam recipes popped into my head and I decided I will save them for summer time. I confess that this is one recipe that I struggled with sharing because by the time I was done I realised it can be easily commercialized. I prayed and God gave me a scripture I’m holding on to, so here I am being generous with a gift He has given me 🙂 .

Zobo leaves which traditionally is prepared as a drink is the star of this recipe paired with pineapple, ginger and cloves. This recipe makes for a fantastic topping with the ice-cream, it’s sweet, tangy and honestly delicious!  Store bought syrup and toppings taste good but making yours at home is better, controlling the sugar content is key and this syrup doesn’t need preservative because you can make and finish it as often as you wish.

Zobo or zoborodo as it’s popularly called originated from the north for us in Nigeria but is a drink that’s quite global, it’s found in United States, Asia, Europe and in Jamaica as Flor de Jamaica. Suprisingly, it’s flavoured with similar ingredients, ginger, cloves, cinnamon etc.  Zobo which is also a specie of hibiscus flower is high in Vitamin C and is believed to reduce high blood pressure.


Popularly made as a cold drink in this part of the world, I was crossing from my kitchen to the parlour through my corridor when zobo syrup/jam popped into my head. I brooded over the recipes for a couple of days before I finally made them.

Today,  I share the syrup,  Enjoy!

Foods that can be enjoyed with the syrup; 


Donut filling (the Mr Biggs type)

Cinnamon rolls

Cupcakes with fillings

And ice cream 🙂 as the pictures suggest!

Ingredients : 1 cup

2 cups dry zobo leaves

1 1/2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger

1/2 tablespoon cloves

4 cups /1 litre water

1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons sugar

2 medium ripe pineapple


Grated ginger

Grated ginger


Method :

Boil zobo leaves with 1 litre of water, grated ginger, and cloves for 20 minutes.

Strain through a cheese cloth or cloth used for sieving ogi/pap, set aside.

Juice both pineapples, you should get at least 600ml from them.


Over medium heat, pour 600ml zobo juice  (save the rest for Zobo jam) and 600ml pineapple juice into a clean pan, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and boil for 30-45 minutes.


Monitor the syrup closely,  scrap off the sides of the pan as the syrup reduces. Once it starts boiling in thick bubbles and it coats the back of a spoon, its time to turn off the heat.




Stir in 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence, pour into a glass bowl, allow it cool.








Enjoy with your Domo vanilla ice-cream, pancakes etc 🙂 .








Have a splendid week!

Azu 🙂 .


**Notes : you can double the sugar content if you want a sweeter syrup.






  1. sarah says:

    Brilliant madam,thanks so much for sharing. You are a gift.

  2. Gift says:

    Azu tx for sharing appreciate

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  4. helen says:

    Missing ur wonderful post Clara, pls were r u. Cheers

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