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Happy new week!

I’m starting a series today called foods that heal but only after I have tested them 🙂 .

Let me start by saying to many readers shock, I’m a stress eater which means when I’m busy I don’t eat, when I’m excited I don’t eat, when I’m upset I don’t eat and when I’m happy I don’t eat lol! I eat only when I’m hungry and when I’m in one of those moods I naturally don’t feel hungry. I get hungry or perkish when I’m relaxed especially with a nice book or movie to watch.  Once I’m in my zone where everything is perfect with my world that’s when I start thinking of wonderful things to eat and different snacks to binge on but that has left me with many close encounters with ulcer.


Up until now I’ve kept yogurt a constant feature in my diet but a couple of weeks ago yogurt stopped working and I had a bad ache on my side and couldn’t even lie down on my left. I was set to go see a doctor and probably get placed permanently on antacid or whatever drug.


I went monthly shopping and planned to cooked Edikaikong and Ogbono soups. I changed my mind along the way and decided to cook okra and Ogbono instead. I got home cooked the okra first since I got very fresh ones. I finished cooking around 6pm and enjoyed a large bowl of my freshly made okra and semo. I went to bed at 10pm and slept on my left side for the first time in one week, I woke up painless the next morning!

Naturally I started investigating, since okra was my last meal I hit google and made the most amazing discovery.


Okra belongs to a family of plants high in mucilage. The term mucilage in simple Nigerian term is the drawiness of okra. Mucilage is used to treat gstric ulcer because it temporarily coats the stomach lining while it heals the wound.

Mucilage reduces acid reflux, balances stomach acid and reduces inflammation. 


Mucilage also eases constipation,  all this means that okra is a stomachs best friend. It maintains stomach health such that 4 hours after eating a bowl of okra that even contained pepper, I escaped another close encounter with ulcer.

Okra is also very high in anti – oxidants such as beta -carotene which naturally means it has anti-aging properties and great for the skins overall look.

Okra contains vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, very rich in iron and folate.


I honestly think okra should be tagged a super food, of course you don’t need to be told I’ve been eating okra at least twice a week since then 🙂 .

So, if you have a friend or relative experiencing ulcer symptoms,  confidently recommend a bowl of okra every now and then. If symptoms persist please consult a doctor though.

Azu 🙂 .


Info source: juicing for health.


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