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July 17, 2014
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July 21, 2014
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Hello peeps,

Hope your weekend is going well. I’m at a wedding and decided to blog. I’m enjoying the wedding definitely but as no be my wedding make I share recipe biko 🙂 . It’s a little difficult concerntrating because there’s this woman almost going crazy over Caro! Lol…perhaps her name is Caro, you honestly need to see her dance lol! I’m considering adding wedding commentry to my recipes,  attend weddings, take food pictures, capture funny moments like my Caro lady…and share on the blog abi how una see am? Considering it seriously lol..

Anyway…back to todays recipe.

I created this recipe last week, very very easy. I used dates which I prefer to call by its arabic name- dabino, I think it gives it more character 😀 . It’s a perfect breakfast smoothie,  hope you enjoy it.

Ingredients : (serves 2 )

5 plum dabino/dates

1 cup coconut milk

1 cup whole milk

4 fingers ripe banana


Method :

Chop up the dates into tiny bits to make blending easier. Add all the ingredients to a clean blender kr a smoothie maker, blend until smooth about 5 minutes.

Enjoy chilled!






Azu 🙂 .

**Notes: If what you have available are dry dates, soak then for at least 4 hours to make them plump again.

You can use canned coconut milk in place of freshly made one, please boil it for 3/4 minutes, let it cool completely before adding it to the smoothie.


  1. My goodness this looks amazing! I’ve never seen a recipe like this before.

  2. Great me says:

    I just discovered your blog…wow

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