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Hi all!

It’s Ramadan season as earlier mentioned and one fruit that plays a very important role is dabino also called dates. I kinda prefer its dabino name 🙂 , gives it more character. They are eaten in large quantities this period which is a good thing because fasting requires a lot of energy and eating dates is a good way to replenish.


They come is mostly dry form, growing up in the north I ate fresh ones when they were in season. Fresh ones were yellow and a bit tangy but I guess that’s because of the specie. There are different species, no need to go into all that. Here are its health benefits and reasons why it should be eaten all year round and not just during Ramadan.

Dabino is high in fibre and contains lots of natural sugars. It can be used in place of sugar in a smoothie,  milkshakes and cakes.

It’s a good source of potassium which helps in improving overall health. Potassium gives relief from stroke, anxiety,  stress, helps with blood pressure,  heart and kidney disorders.


It is believed to induce labour, so eating a handful a day 4 weeks to baby’s due date will help make labour process faster.  Due to its high fibre content, it boosts colon health and eases constipation.


Depending on the type of dabino, each one contains between 40-60 calories each and has sugar content as high as 60% .


It can be eaten dry or soaked and used in place of raisin when baking a cake or like I mentioned earlier, skip sugar and use a few dates instead.


**It’s also important to note that if you are on a low sugar diet, it’s advisable to eat them in moderation.

Will be sharing my first dabino recipe tomorrow,  join me then!

Azu 🙂 .


Sources: organic facts, wise geek.


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  2. chioma says:

    How do I use dabino in making cake

    • Hi Chioma,
      To use dabino in a cake, use the soft one, chop it up into tiny bits and add it last just like you would raisins. If you want to use it to sweeten a fruit cake or tea loaf, blend it into a puree with very little water and add when you are adding wet ingredients (eggs,butter etc) into the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, spice etc). Will share a dabino cake recipe soon.:-) hope I’ve helped.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i boil my dabino to soften them to add to my smoothies and juices, anything wrong with that?

  4. Godswil says:

    I have been eating dabino for years because of the sweetness and without knowing the health benefits but am much more impressed with the health benefits of this wonderful fruit.

  5. Godswil says:

    I eat dabino raw. Is anything wrong with that.

    • Hi Godswill,

      Dabino is a fruit, so nothing wrong with eating it raw, it’s a fruit that’s been dried, the fresh ones aren’t as sugary as the dry ones and it also depends on the specie. Continue to enjoy it! Nothing do u 🙂

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