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The blog is One! Yay!

clara is 1

18th of June , 2013 was when the blog was announced to the world. I registered the blog on the 2nd of June, played around with a few themes before settling on one of them after which I posted my first recipe with pictures taken with my phone. I named the blog after my Mum because I inherited her passion for food and wanted to showcase the mark she left behind in this corner of the earth hence the name Clara’s Corner.

It’s been a really long journey one I have done with relish, tired bones and painful feet. One of the perks of all these recipes is that my hubby and I eat them as regular meals so apart from the joy of seeing a recipe come to life, we get to eat something new every week. I was initially apprehensive I’d run out of recipes, kept wondering how many combinations I could possibly come up with but God is faithful because the more I pour out the more He fills me with ideas. He has given me such a gift that all I need is to smell or taste something and I immediately start coming up with combinations for it. God in his mercy has kept my creativity level going never running out of ideas, renewing my strength and excitement each time I came close to giving up.

The blog was borne out of my natural desire to try out new dishes, after cooking I’d take a picture of the food with my blackberry curve 8 phone and use it as my display picture, then I started a BBM group when the demand to share recipes began to rise. I always had it as a future plan to start the blog but was forced to start sooner than planned when the issue of space on most of the group members phones became an issue, I had to find a way of sharing details of each recipe without clogging their phones. Looking back I honestly didn’t know it would get this serious but I thank God for my husband whom He has used to help me find purpose,  who encouraged me then and still encourages me! I don’t know what I’d have done without him but I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it this far!


He insists I share a recipe every week and need I state the obvious that he has literally backed every single project I embark on. He got me an early birthday present of a Samsung 10.1 Galaxy Note as my work tool which I have also used to take pictures from June last year till date. He has encouraged and sponsored all my training programs including the photography course I’m currently taking….I really wouldn’t have made it this far.


My old faithful

I have posted almost weekly recipes borne out of my own pocket no sponsored posts nothing. One of the main reasons I slowed down on sharing recipes the past 2 weeks is because my pictures haven’t been coming out right. Getting the right angles to shoot has been a constant battle,  I have had to do away with recipes not because they didn’t come out well (even though I’m in a constant battle with residual heat cooking 😀 ) but sometimes my Notes camera just doesn’t get the colour right and I don’t subscribe to altering a picture in Photoshop. So I have had to make a simple dinner out of expensive recipes that never made it to the blog, at least they didn’t waste.

I ain’t complaining but it’s with great pleasure and immense joy I walked out of Nikon showroom on 22 Opebi Road yesterday with my brand new digital camera! Nikon Nigeria gave me a whooping 30% discount on the Coolpix L820 and free admission into Nikon School of Photography,  their own way of encouraging an upcoming food blogger 😀 . I couldn’t be more grateful to them and use this opportunity to thank them!

My brand new toy!

My brand new toy!



I’m glad that as the  blog marks its one year anniversary,  it’s also upgrading its picture quality and by God’s grace its level of creativity. Thanks for all the Facebook page likes, Twitter followings and retweets, Instagram following and likes, blog comments and subscription, you are the reason I’m still here and I celebrate all.

The New Year will feature delicious recipes with especially bright and crisp pictures 🙂 by Gods grace.

With love…..

Azu 🙂 .


  1. freda says:

    Congrats dear! This is just the begiining, God will take you higher and send you more help! Well done, keep the fire burning….literally 🙂

  2. Isioma says:

    Congratulations for a whole year if progress. God bless.

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