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May 31, 2014
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June 14, 2014
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About 2 weeks ago a friend Nneka pinged me and asked to use my profile in a blog tour , she had been tagged by Seun Odukoya who was tagged by published author Kingsley Iweka  and that’s how the tagging has been going on and now it’s my turn to talk about my writing process and in turn tag 3 bloggers who will in turn tag another 3 themselves.

You should visit Nneka’s blog and read short stories that engulf ur consciousness momentarily placing you in the same scene as the characters as you watch them play out their roles, as for Seun’s series Saving Dapo , you just have to read it!

I must add at this point that I’m happy I was tagged because I’m a baby chef/food blogger/people dey tell her say she sabi write, which means I’m not a full time writer, I fall more into the creative 3 dimensional category because I cook then write about food. Most full time writers are 2 dimensional meaning they create reality through creative writing while I arghhhh I’m sure you guys know what I mean, words fail me, lol.

I decided to tag another 3 dimensional creative blogger so the 3D ball doesn’t drop but before I talk about the 3 bloggers I’ve tagged, let me attend to the order of the day which is my writing process etc.


Meat dishes,  seasoning meat and meat spices have been my focus the past 1 month and will continue this month before I start working on summer recipes.


When I first started food blogging, I’m shy to say I honestly thought I was the only one until October last year I met some awesome chefs in a cooking competition and realised…ahh, how do I put it? I hadn’t scratched the surface of creative cooking! So, how my work/recipes differ?…..I’m still new to food blogging is my answer lol!


I love food, sounds strange because my maximum body weight has never exceeded 60kg but I think I enjoy the cooking part more. Growing up, I cooked sand sand food till age 13, I used plantain bark as pomo, bougainvillea flower juice as lemonade,  paw-paw puree as ketchup and unripe lemon for apple juice 😀 . Yes, I had them all mixed up but today…the story is different thank God lol!

Cooking/writing food didn’t come as a suprise to my family because my Mum Clara Chukwuma was a great cook and from my above story, you can tell I have it in my DNA.


The recipes I create/recreate determine how the writing goes. I could either use a story that surrounded or inspired its creation or depending on my mood, just hit the recipe straight up! 🙂


Tagging time! 😀


I came accross this blog about 2 months ago, authored by a husband and wife as @naijahusband and @naijawife  who make marriage sound like fun. They address real issues in such a hilarious way that you will find yourself wishing to get married just so you can experience what they have. They author the blog anonymously which I respect and envy at the same time. I respect because they reveal alot of personal things about themselves for the benefit of others but you don’t want someone walking up to @naijawife “Hei Angelina, that last stunt you pulled with @naijahusband Bradley in front of the television was genius!  So how did it go down after that?” You will be shocked at how people cross boundaries in the name of wanting to hear gist. I envy because it makes them look 007ish, the shroud of mystery makes the posts more interesting and the acts mysterious.  I should have been a mystery chef myself 😐 had I found their blog earlier lol! Please read all about them




Next is an awesome make-up artist Oluwayemisi Dada Seriki, she made me look all pretty on my  wedding day. She says this about herself “I have an unprecedented passion for makeup and beauty things , believe me when I say it is a fetish that I cannot control 🙂 . I am a graduate of Economics from the Lagos State University with a Masters in Human Resource Management from same institution , gained entrepreneurial management skills from the Lagos Business School and I presently run N’sure Beauty Lagos , N’sure beauty Abuja is run by my partner Folayemi. I am an extremely fun loving person and a shopaholic. My focus is to reach out positively to as many people as I can in my life span; I am an approachable and friendly person,feel free to contact me if you care to know more about me or if you just want to about makeup and beauty

Read her write ups, make-up product reviews,  make-up tips and tutorials on





Finally, a fellow food blogger Nwando Onuigbo. I met her through Victor one of the Knorr Quest contestants earlier this year. Funny enough her brother was a friend and course mate though ahead of me in university but I never met her in school until food united us lol!

She has this to say about herself: “ I’m a food activist. Yes, you guessed right, I fight for the rights of food, lol. Whether it’s food safety, food policy, food security, food recipes, just say my name. I’m passionate about all things food but have a soft spot for Nigerian food and dream of putting Nigerian cuisine on the World gastronomic map.”

She also contested in the just concluded Knorr Quest and she was the first runner up 🙂 amazing cook right , check out her blog


Had such a great time writing! I hope you enjoy it. Great writers will be reading this soon, please be merciful, like I said “I’m -people dey tell her say she sabi write” so please forgive grammatical errors 😀 .

That said, Enjoy!


PS. My tablet doesn’t have copy and paste hence the long bio links, forgive it! 🙂


  1. neker17 says:

    Azuka!! I was smiling seriously as I read through. I’m still smiling.
    And then, Nwando is here!
    Yay! Yemisi’s dimple is divine.
    And why did you let them know we started with cooking “sand sand food”? Chei! LOL. I Nice one, dear. Nice one.

  2. naijahusband says:

    Many thanks for the shout out Clara. And double thanks for the 007 imagery. Naijahusband the secret agent…I like that!

  3. nwando7 says:

    Azuka, thanks soo much. you are far too kind, pls how do i join the blog tour? And a shout out to Nneka, misykona and Naija husband. I must add here that Nneka’s writing is soo vivid, I likey.

    • You’re welcome Nwando. You are already part of the blog tour, simply answer the same questions I did: what am I working on etc., then tag 3 writers/bloggers you know.

      Yeah…vivid, that’s the word for Nneka’s writing 🙂 .

  4. Dada Yemisi says:

    Azuka darling, Thanks for tagging me. Although i am still anxiously awaiting the day you wil ask me to be your tasting bud.i have been blessed by your level of creativity and you havent scratched the surface indeed. keep shining dear.

  5. seunodukoya says:

    Well done – and thank you so much for the mention.
    Baby blogger but seasoned chef – and it’s really only one we care about.
    Thanks again – and you can be sure my special someone is getting a pointer to this corner of creative.

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