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May 14, 2014
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May 19, 2014
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Hi folks!

It’s the beginning of a nice cool weekend by God’s grace and I usually don’t share posts today because most folks have literally laid ambush all week for Friday that blog surfing is the least on their minds. I’m sharing  the second part of meat spices all the same so next week will focus on recipes.

So today is showing the other posibilities of seasoning meat because I have come to realise a lot of folks have meat seasoning dilemmas in the kitchen. Apart from obvious pepper, salt, ginger and garlic, some seasonings come pre-mixed already and taste great as well. Let’s explore!

These batch are ideal when creating new and different flavours or in combination with others. Truth is meat spices and seasonings are endless but once you get the basics the sky is the limit. I will share the few pre-mixed meat seasonings I could lay my hands on.



Contains monosodium glu

Contains monosodium glutamate just like Ajino Moto

I only bought the spicy barbecue and spicy steak mixes for this post, I usually don’t use them.  They taste great though, but should be used sparingly because of it’s MSG content until proven otherwise.


One of the best meat seasonings I have ever used, all natural ingredients

Haven’t seen it again in Shoprite since I bought it, planning to open up the bottle and see how many spices I can recognise so I can duplicate it, it honestly makes delicious meat and I don’t want to run out.


Tastes like suya spice, perfect for satays (suya like meat)


Lemon pepper goes well with chicken, same as cajun spice, mixed spice tastes like garam masala and is great with beef.

Most of the above pre-mixed spices above usually don’t need additional spices. They are good to go as they are in order to acheive unique flavours. Apart from the ones containing MSG and lemon pepper, they will still need Maggi and salt.

Whole grain mustard-found in both spar and shoprite

Whole grain mustard-found in both spar and shoprite

I used whole grain mustard and chilli flakes one time in beef meant for Shawarma and oh dear! It was fantastic! My husband called it Shawarma of life! I used a bit of lemon seasoning, thyme and half a Maggi cube as well….I haven’t recovered yet! That’s all I can say!

I use lemon seasoning when I run out of fresh lemons

I use lemon seasoning when I run out of fresh lemons

Lemons add acidity to meat and can be used in place of salt sometimes especially in vinaigrettes and salad dressings. It adds a nice zing to meat, so far I have used it successfully in chicken and beef I added to Shawarma wraps and they were delicious. My favourite combination of it still remains the one I did with wholegrain mustard.

You can experiment and discover flavours of your own. Great tasting meat needs a little extra effort so give your family and friends a treat from time to time by combining new seasonings and spices.

Join me next week for Juicy Fried Chicken and how to make your very own Suya at home!

Till then….like a hunter who has laid in wait for the antelope and finally gets a good shot, enjoy your Friday!

Azu 🙂 .

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