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February 14, 2014
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Hi there!

I’ve been on a one week break after all the flurry of Valentine recipes, I took time off but I didnt rest! Took some cake making classes some 2/3 weeks ago and decided to try out some recipes with awesome results 😉 . Of course the first cake was a disaster lol! Have improved since then, have been baking almost everyday making mostly healthy tea loafs, recipes will be up in March 🙂 .

Here is one of the cakes…..


😀 great right? Hehe….well if you believed that then I’m a great story teller!

That my friends is my traditional wedding cake, today is my traditional wedding anniversary!  Yayyyyyyy!!

Its been 2 wonderful years with my husband and I can’t be grateful enough! God has been faithful and I can’t help but praise Him.

A few pictures from that awesome day 24th February 2012 when God settled me in my own home 🙂 .


Da Bride



Giving him mmanya hehe

Giving him mmanya hehe


My Uncle To, praying for us




Cutting the lovely cake


Mr & Mrs

Todays recipe is themed after the traditional wedding cake, I can recognise water melon , banana and a carrot on the cake, I refuse to believe there’s a tomato on it lol! A lovely cake it was, wish excitement had allowed me savour it like I would today.

A fruitful marriage it has been and I pray everyone reading this will enjoy the same joy, laughter and fruitfulness that we have enjoyed from God’s faithfulness in every aspect of your lives, Amen!


Ingredients: (serves 12)

1/2 small water melon or 2 1/2 cups fresh juice

1 Cotonou pineapple or 1 cup fresh juice

1 fresh peach (Shoprite )

6 fresh strawberries (Shoprite )

1 litre=4 1/2 cups Chi multi-fruit juice

1 cup cold water or ice when serving

1 teaspoon rose water (V-care supermarket,  Opebi rd)

2 tablespoons granadine molasses (V-care supermarket,  Opebi rd)

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

For fruits on the side:

Tooth picks

Kebab sticks/ skewers

1/2 pineapple

1/4 watermelon

1 fresh peach

1 fresh kiwi

6 fresh strawberries


Method :

Wash all the fruits thoroughly before cutting them up.

Kiwi and peach

Kiwi and peach

Juice the first set of fruits together and pour into a large glass bowl (alternatively,  you can store in a jug until you are ready to serve then pour into the glass bowl, makes for good presentation)

Add the multi-fruit juice and mix well.

In a small cup, mix together the granadine molasses with a little juice from the glass bowl, when the molasses has dissolved properly, add to the fresh juice mixture.

Add the rosewater and lemon juice (try not to finish the juice at this stage in the name of tasting 😉 )

Slice 1/2 the peach in long strips and add to the fresh juice mixture.


You can add the cold water at this point in using or store in a properly chilled fridge then add the ice when ready.

Chop up the remaining fruits into small cubes then arrange in a colourful pattern on the toothpick if using short/martini glasses or skewers if you are using long glasses.





Chill both fruit and juice, amaze your guests when they arrive 🙂 .



Hide the skewer, leave your guests wondering what a Kebab stick is doing in the juice

Let them be pleasantly surprised

Let them be pleasantly surprised this easter


Cheers to 2 happy years and more by God’s grace….

Tomorrow 25th will be exactly 2 years since I walked down the altar into God’s favour…will be wayyyy too busy to put up pictures of that day 🙂 , perhaps when the anniversary falls on a post day 😉 .

Azu 🙂 signing out to go prepare!

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