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Happy New Year!!! 😀

May this year bring you joy, peace and happiness!

May this year be your best year yet!

Things that were difficult in the past year will become extremely easy for you this year!

The lines have fallen to you in pleasant places therefore you will not lack but shall experience supernatural abundance!

You shall see the end of this year in great health, robust from all the recipes on Clara’s Corner 🙂 .

Now say amen!

Growing up, we travelled to the village alot, mentioned that in my Christmas post, while different delicacies flowed from the kitchen at different times, one that was standard was New Years day meal which was always  cooked by my mother (bless her soul). By the time we woke up (we always woke up late, thanks to banga throwing after the watch night service 🙂 ) the meal was always ready, piping hot straight from the Ite Ona (heavy metal pot) cooked on firewood.

It smelt so good, we’d feverishly pray, thanking God for the new year then dig into the meal. Good times, I miss my dear Mum, year after year as long as the extended family gathered, this was our 1st of January meal.

I share it with you today the way she cooked it. Enjoy.


3 4cm thick slices of yam

6 piece of goat meat

1 tablespoon pepper soup spice( African nutmeg,  dry uziza seeds and uda)

1 small bunch Nchuanwu (scent leaf)

3 fresh pepper

3 bunches of fresh uziza seeds

1 1/2 handful whole crayfish

2 Maggi cubes

1 Maggi crayfish cube

1/2 teaspoon dry Cameroon pepper

Salt to taste







Wash goat meat, season with Cameroon pepper,  salt and 1 Maggi cube, boil until it’s cooked. Set aside.


Wash scent leaf and set aside, do not slice until you are ready to add it to the yam porridge.

Peel yam, cut into small cubes, wash and put on fire with enough water to cover the yam completely with some extra.


Blend pepper, crayfish and fresh uziza seeds with 1/2 cup of water add it to the pot of yam.

Add the pepper soup spice, remaining seasoning cubes and salt to taste.

Boil until yam is soft and water reduced in almost half.

Crush 2 or 3 pieces of yam, add the goat meat and allow the yam boil for another 10 minutes.


Add sliced scent leaf, stir and allow simmer for 1 minute.

Turn off heat, serve hot.




Azu 🙂 .


  1. Ogo says:

    Another lovely recipe… this time from Mummy the consummate cook, the natural in the kitchen. She always made it seem effortless. I guess God decided to give that gift to her and her sisters, and you have certainly inherited it. Happy New Year! I really enjoy this blog and am looking forward to lots of wonderful recipes here this year.

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