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December 16, 2013
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December 19, 2013
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Christmas is officially in the air!

The weather is cold in the mornings, burnt dry grass smell in the evenings! I don’t want to get out of bed! Lol!

A friend Nneka just told me Zaria where we both schooled is worse….people are wearing two sweaters she said! Reminds me of our university days, harmattan was a chance to show off! We wore winter jackets, mufflers, wool caps, boots, the whole garb. Yes we were cold but I assure you it was about looking good kawai! We even wore mink coats…like seriously!  Lol! Good times…but better times are here and while PHCN is doing their thing 😉 here’s a nice way to preserve all the tomatoes you’ll be buying this season and to also get best flavours and colours out of the lot.

The mixture I’m sharing today is spicy, you can tell from the pepper combo, feel free to reduce the pepper if you don’t like spicy foods. I also used cherry tomatoes because I intend using some for a recipe doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use same type too.


Ingredients: 2 litres

1 large derica tomatoes

10 pieces tatashe

8 pieces shombo (local chilli)

3 fresh Cameroon pepper

7-12 atarodo

5 medium sized onions

4 bulbs garlic

1/2 cup water



Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes





Shombo (local chilli)

Shombo (local chilli)


Wash and seed the tatashe and shombo.

Wash the cherry tomatoes and place first at the bottom of the pot, then place the peppers, garlic and 4 onions on top. This will help release the water from the tomato while it boils.

Pour water over the tomatoes and peppers and boil for 20 minutes with pot covered tightly. The water keeps it from burning just before the tomato starts releasing its natural juices.



After 20 minutes,  turn off heat and allow it to cool for at least 10 minutes undisturbed.


Blend using water that’s left in the pot. Add the last fresh onions while blending.



You can store as is in the freezer and use for stews, jollof rice, pasta sauce and other recipes that will require freshly homemade tomato puree as I’m not overly keen on using tinned tomatoes.

You can also preserve it by adding a little vegetable oil to it.

Will post a pudding recipe tomorrow God willing Christmas is in the air :-).

Azu :-).


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  3. Brianna says:

    Learning from the information of others is very good and very helpful, thanks to this I can have try it. Thanks very much .

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  5. Isioma says:

    My dear chef Happy new year was going thru my archieve and saw this.

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