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October 13, 2013
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I’m back! :-). I was MIA throughout last week, I apologise for that. When you find out why, you will under stand but that will be post for another day :-).

Today’s post is one I promised would come, so here I am, delivering on it.

When I first started Clara’s Corner, my main focus was busy people in Lagos, to give them recipes, cooking tips and oh well , teach how to cook certain popular meals, and new ones as well. It gladdens my heart though to find that it’s not just Lagosians who appreciate the recipes. I have also discovered that there are alot of potential fans who love Clara’s corner but are on some form of diet.

So, in the coming weeks, Clara’s Corner go change small, in order to accomodate everyone. I will start sharing recipes that suits everyone no matter your eating preferences, I’m just worried about ardent followers who live outside Lagos and don’t have access to some of these ingredients.

Will have to work something out soon so my faithful fans in Asaba, Aba and Onitsha can try out some awesome recipes as well.

Alright, let’s dig into today’s easy recipe.

Ingredients: 2.5 litres

800 ml cold milk (Hollandia)

4 sachets Domo chocolate Ice-cream powder (Shoprite)

2 sachets Domo Instant dairy whip (Shoprite)

Handful chocolate chips or crushed chocolate

1 chilled container with a lid



You are probably wondering why whipped cream is included, it’s the secret ingredient to those of us who don’t have ice-cream machines, the whipped cream makes it super creamy. It adds extra air to the ice-cream in the whipping process which is what the Ice-cream machine does, you won’t miss a thing!

Pour half the milk and 1 whipped cream powder sachet into a clean odorless blender, blend non-stop for 3 minutes then add 2 chocolate Ice-cream powder and blend non-stop for 4 minutes.

Pour out into a cold container and repeat process with the remaining milk, whipped cream and ice-cream powders.


Add the chocolate chips and mix with a spoon then freeze till whenever you run out of patience and have to have some ice-cream, hopefully 4 hours after it hits the freezer.






Enjoy with chocolate syrup, vermicelli or as it is!

See you on Friday!

Azu :-).

*Tips: blend 1 whip cream sachet and 2 Ice-cream powder sachet at a time, if you add everything at once, the Ice-cream thickens puts alot of pressure on the blenders blades. This might either spoil the blender or give an uneven mixture.


  1. Adedotun says:

    Good day. Love your blog where do you get the chocolate chips and sprinkles from?

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