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October 7, 2013
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October 27, 2013
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Happy healthy week :-).

I’m sharing this healthy cereal so I’ll be justified when I share the chocolate chip ice-cream ;-). Life is about balance really, I’ve maintained a particular weight most of my life but I honestly can’t attribute it to eating healthy, exercise or even a diet. It’s mainly body type, eating small portions, being very active and the fact say I never born yet :-D.

l believe in living a little, don’t eat junk everyday, have fun and enjoy what you eat, eat only when you are hungry, eat small portions even when you are hungry and whatever you do eat ice-cream! :-), sorry today’s post is about healthy breakfasts.

Research shows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it releases the energy you need to start your day but most especially ‘feel good hormones’ I can testify to that one because I honestly get cranky by noon if I miss breakfast except for when l fast :-), I love God like that!

Eating breakfast also helps you be reasonable when eating lunch because unknown to most of us, skipping breakfast means you’ve most likely fasted for almost 20 hours, tell me why one won’t order 4 wraps of Amala (yam flour),  2 pieces of fuku (lungs), 2 pieces of shaki (tripe), 3 abodi (tripe), 2 round about (tripe), 1 huge chunk of goat meat and 1 orobo (coke) to go with it? At the end of the day, the weight you were trying to keep off by skipping breakfast, you add double with a ‘rich and healthy’ lunch because you are ferociously hungry!

I’ve shared quite a few breakfast recipes, you can add this to the mix. I know this will sit well with my health concious friends, so enjoy!.

Ingredients for 2: (Recipe can be doubled)

1 cup oats

2 tablespoons shredded coconut Recipe here

2 tablespoons almonds (roughly crushed)

1 tablespoon fat free butter

2 tablespoons honey / golden syrup (the picture above was crusted in syrup, while the bottom one was done in honey, check tips for difference)

1 tablespoon butter

1 tablespoon raisins *(optional)

For fruit additions:



Any other fruit you have




On medium heat, roast the oats and almonds in a dry pan, tossing constantly. Once some of the oats start turning brown, turn off the heat. This process shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes.


In a heavy bottomed non-stick pan, melt butter and honey or syrup and let it boil until it bubbles up. Don’t mix or stir while it’s melting, simply let it be.


The butter melting process shouldn’t exceed 4 minutes.

Toss in the roasted oats and mix, add the roasted coconut and raisins if available, mix until all the ingredients are well incorporated.


Enjoy with any fresh fruit of your choice.



Syrup coated

coated in honey

Honey coated

*Tips: The granola made with syrup is crunchier and the syrup crystallises on the cereal so it is easy to store for at least a week in an air tight container, so you             have enough for every day to use as a snack, on a parfait or sundae. It’s also a beautiful golden brown.

The granola done in honey stays abit sticky and will have to be stored in a freezer and isn’t as crunchy -it’s best made for when you want to eat right away.

You can add chocolate chips if you want, I will advise using plain milk or yoghurt- no sugar! since the cereal comes out sweet.

I prefer the syrup coated one :-D.

Have an Awesome week!

Azu :-).

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