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September 9, 2013
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Keeping my promise of a finger licking some tin today..I literally meant it :-).

There are certain dishes we consider to be eaten when we go on dates 😉 , at weddings and Owambe’s. l slightly disagree, not that I don’t eat out, infact I love trying out new dishes and eat Abacha (African salad) in the oddest places! ( :-|sue me). Life at home has to be fun too and should have ‘special dishes’ from time to time.

We usually have grilled fish and chips most Friday nights while we watch a nice movie :-D, some Fridays it’s fried chicken strips in breadcrumbs and chips, we alternate meals so we don’t get bored.

Today I’m sharing a very easy way of grilling fish at home, my gift to you this weekend!


For seasoning fish

1 large fresh fish ( I honestly don’t know the name of this one though it looked like Tilapia, it has smaller scales)

4 bulbs of fresh pepper

1/2 teaspoon Cameroon pepper

1 small onions

1 seasoning cube (Maggi)

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

A pinch of thyme

A pinch of white pepper

1 small bulb garlic

Salt to taste

For sauteed onions

2 medium sized onion

2 bulbs fresh pepper

1 cooking spoon vegetable oil

1 seasoning cube (Maggi)


Wash the fish thoroughly, especially it’s belly. Make 4/5 deep cuts across the body of the fish then set aside.


Blend Onions, pepper and garlic until smooth.

Add oil, Seasoning cube, thyme, salt, white pepper and Cameroon pepper into the fresh pepper mix.


Carefully apply the pepper mix all over the fish, the deep cuts, it’s belly and head.


Let the fish marinade for as long as possible so the spices work their way into it’s flesh properly- at least 3 hours. ( see bottom of post for tips )


Line the grilling pan with foil and in either an oven or electric grill, grill both sides for not more than 10 minutes at a time, turn often so it doesn’t burn.

Reapply pepper mix on the fish each time you turn for extra juice. Let it dry to your taste.


For the sautéed onions.

Blend the 2 bulbs of pepper

Slice 2 medium sized onions in rings.


In a frying pan, heat oil, add the onions and pepper at once and stir continuously.

Add the seasoning cube and continue to stir onions until soft and juicy.



Have a great weekend!

Azu :-).

*I usually spice the fish ahead of time. Most times I spice the same day I buy them the wrap both tray and fish in Cling film and keep in the freezer. This makes it easy for when you want to grill or fry.


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  2. ifeanyi odigwe says:

    I’ll try the grilled fish. Can I simply wrap the fish+marinade in foil and place in oven. If that is possible, can I still leave for 10mins or more since I won’t be turning it over.

    • Hi Ifeanyi! Oh yes you can, infact from your question I can tell you can cook and won’t have any trouble at all. Use an oven if you don’t have an overhead oven grill. Bake in foil till it’s cooked the you can open or remove from foil so the skin can get crisp and golden brown if you want. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

  3. toyin says:

    Thanks for the recipe please did you fry the pepper mixture b4 adding it to the fish cos looking at the pix above the mixture looks fried……

    • Hi Toyin, you’re welcome! No I didn’t fry the pepper rubbed on the fish, it has a little oil in it to add moisture to the fish while grilling that’s why it looks fried. However there’s fried pepper in the sautéed onions.

  4. liza says:

    Hello and thanks for your grilled fish recipe. what i indeed will like to know is how to prepare the green leaves-spices sauce and the pepper use in eating with the fish.

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