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September 2, 2013
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September 9, 2013
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It’s Friday! Yay!

First off I know many of you are thinking this ijekuje babe has come again! While I insist on not being a sweet tooth, this is a dessert and can be enjoyed by both adults and kids after Sunday special meals or as a Saturday treat. The vanilla pudding is semi-sweet while the strawberry Ice-cream is definitely sweet! :-D.

That said, prep time is 10 mins but it has to be kept in the freezer for at Ieast 3 hours so the Ice-cream can freeze properly.

I don’t have an Ice-cream making machine at home, and I know most of us don’t so I simply improvise :-). l mean, how can we be denied having quick easy desserts at home? l use a smoothie/cocktail blender which has different cup sizes depending on what you want to blend. A clean odourless non-ogiri smelling blender is fine 🙂 and will work well.

All you need are 3 simple ingredients bought from my usual shopping place-Shoprite!

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

500ml cold Hollandia full cream milk (you can use skimmed milk if you like)

1/2 pack Instant vanilla pudding

1 pack Domo Ice-cream powder

Fresh strawberries (optional)*




In a blender, pour in cold 250ml milk and the entire ice-cream powder. Blend for 4 minutes non-stop.


Pour into a bowl with a lid and place in the coolest part of your freezer for at least 3 hours.

In the same blender pour in 250ml milk and the vanilla pudding powder and blend for 2 minutes non-stop, pour into a container with a lid and cool in the fridge so it sets but that will be placing too much faith in PHCN so I put mine in the freezer jeje. Don’t allow it freeze though or if it does, remove and leave it outside for about 10 minutes before the next step.


Once the ice-cream is frozen, in a dessert bowl scoop in one layer of ice cream, then top with a layer of vanilla pudding. Keep alternating and add as many layers as you wish.

Top with a fresh strawberry and enjoy one of the creamiest home made desserts ever!


Azu :-).


  1. Nneka says:

    Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!

  2. Njay says:

    Zuskky dear keep this up. You will surely go places with this. So proud of you.

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