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Summer recipes have come to an end and though I’ll still share nice recipes come September I’m kinda sad I don’t know why lol! Maybe It’s because I love summer, everybody does! Or perhaps it’s because I’m a  sweet tooth, and with summer’s end goes my excuse to create sweets every week :-). I had fun! I hope we all did whether just reading the bi-weekly posts or looking at the pictures or by trying out the recipes, the later gives me more joy knowing that the blog is fulfilling it’s mandate.

l love all the recipes I shared this summer but this is one of my favourites and one of the easiest too. If you didn’t try any of the summer treat, you have no excuse not to try this one it’s that easy!

End the summer for your kids or for children around you with a bang! Make banana kebabs for them!


4 firm bananas

1/2 bar Cadbury’s milk chocolate

1 teaspoon odourless vegetable oil

Roasted groundnuts

Roasted coconut ( I made mine myself)

Sprinkles ( Lekki Shoprite)

4 kebab sticks


*It’s important to note you can use only roasted groundnuts as your garnish if that’s what is most available in your area.



Peel the bananas, cut off the head and tip of each one, cut into two and put them on the barbecue stick. Wrap a small tray in foil, place the bananas on it and freeze for 15 mins.


Break half the chocolate bar into pieces and put in a bowl then place it in a pot of water and melt.


Don’t allow the water boil if possible or the chocolate might get hard. Once it starts melting add the teaspoon of oil and mix until smooth – Turn off the heat but leave the bowl of chocolate in the warm water.


While the banana is freezing, set up your work surface so you can work fast.


As you can see I crushed the groundnut with a hand mill, you can use a dry blender.

Take the banana out of the freezer one after the other, with the wooden spoon spread the chocolate generously on it.


Then sprinkle whatever garnish you have on each chocolate covered banana and return to the freezer. Repeat with the remaining three taking them one at a time.


Keep frozen at all times, you can take it out and eat immediately or let it sit at room temperature for 5 mins then Enjoy!




*Tips: To make roasted coconut, grate the coconut and soak in sugar water and place in a fridge overnight.

Drain the sugar water without squeezing the coconut, (usually put mine in a sieve for about 10 mins.

Roast in a grill taking time to turn it until it dries out.


  1. Nneka says:

    Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! A great recipe that’s simple and easy to make! If there are teachers reading this blog, this is a fun and cool recipe to teach the kids at school.

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