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It’s a sunny day here in  Lagos, perfect day for a picnic. I’m particular about Lagos because not only do I live in it, it’s one of the most stressful cities to live in! You have to admire parents! It’s great sacrifice to be able to do both- have a thriving career and raise children. They have only weekends to shop, make their hair, cook and do anything personal. I will be sharing tips in the near future on how to manage the feeding/cooking aspect of the family weekly. Hopefully when schools resume.

l was accused of being a sweet tooth by a friend, so these particular easy to make mini burgers is my way of saying “I’m not a sweet tooth !” 😉 .  These mini burgers can be made in less than 30mins and can double as summer picnic snacks and back to school lunch box feature.

l topped the burger with onions, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce. While some kids can eat all four, some can’t. The best thing to do is simply leave out the vegetable the child can’t stand, no need to force them. Look for another way to trick them into eating their veggies, for the sake of summer spirit 🙂 make these mini burgers to their specifications.

As a child, nothing you did would make me eat tomato in bread :-|. In salad yes, on pizza yes, but never in bread whether as burger or bread and omelette, still won’t even as an adult, especially bread and omelette. On the other hand, boiled yam and omelette…you’ll have me licking my fingers :-).

I used mini bread rolls for this burger, they are actually soup rolls eaten with soup starters. For an adult, all you’ll take is 2 bites and it’s gone, a child will probably take 4-5 bites or more depending on how big their cute mouths are.

Your Ingredients:

6 mini bread rolls (depends on how many kids you are making for).

Minced meat (I had left over from another recipe, you can buy a single pack from Shoprite, keep what’s left)

1 firm medium sized tomato (bought 2, one got soft)

Fresh lettuce

1 small onions

Laughing cow cheese


1 tablespoon oil


Tantis bread rolls (made by Tantalizers)

Tantis bread rolls (made by Tantalizers)



Minced meat

Minced meat


Mould the minced meat into small flat circles. I didn’t have to spice mine because I bought savoury spiced version from Shoprite so all I had to do was add a pinch of Cameroon pepper. If yours is plain, please spice with saIt, Maggi and pepper.


Fry them on low heat with 1 tablespoon of oil. They are so small you can fry them together in one pan. Once done, bring it down allow to cool.


Wash the lettuce in salt water and drain. Slice the onions and tomato.


Slice the bread rolls into 2 equal halves and apply mayonnaise on both sides.


Place the meat.


Next goes the onions. Meat and onions go well together, so it’s best to put them atop one another. Once had a cousin who insisted he never eats pepper, but ate suya loaded with yaji (pepper and ginger mix) and onions Lol!


Don’t over load with onions, remember they are kids! Next goes the Ketchup.


Then the tomato.


Then the Iettuce.


Then the cheese. The cheese can go in before the lettuce though. Your choice :-).


Dats all!



Azu :-).

*Tips: You can place the burger toppings in whatever order the child wants.

As a snack for school, pack in a container the child can easily open.



  1. Zika says:

    OMG! Dis is gr8. Thanks I’m so gonna try dis.

  2. Isha says:

    Awesome! I thinking of doing it for my son’s birthday. Where did you get the buns?

  3. chinenye Ede says:

    I just tried mine today and the kids loved it thanks a lot.

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