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Amazing grilled cheese sandwich
July 31, 2013
Alpen Honey Bars- Granola Bars for kids and for those who love them ;-)
August 5, 2013
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Frozen yoghurt


Happy New Month!

Summer has officially begun. Growing up we fried tons and tons of Chin chin, this might have been because my cousin and I were more interested in eating the raw dough than the actual chin chin itself – who knows maybe that’s why we had to mix so much :-D. My mum understood that when kids are at home they needed to be kept chewing busy :-D.

We always had buns, puff puff, cookies and gum sweets close by, Iife was fun I tell you (still is).  We hardly had chocolate back then reason being healthy teeth *rolling my eyes* Lol! But I do have healthy teeth, so I thank God for my mother.

Some, not all the treats will have chocolate, mostly healthy and with reduced sugars because I basically eat all my recipes and can’t afford to loose teeth my mum so faithfully preserved for me.  So you don’t have to worry about trying out the recipes made with your everyday ingredients found in shops and supermarkets around you.

So stay tuned, from next week, there will be a children’s treat every week for the whole of August. You can make them for your kids, for your nieces, nephews or even as contribution to a child’s birthday party. Just make sure you stick to our mantra which is to have fun cooking!

Till then, have a restful weekend and make sure you try Agege Wonder aka Amazing grilled cheese sandwich ;-).

Azu 🙂

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