Banana Milkshake

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July 5, 2013
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Banana milkshake


As indulgent as it sounds, its actually a very healthy drink. It’s a very easy recipe, learnt it from my sister. All you need is 3 ingredients.

It’s a really smooth drink and though you can make a milk shake with just milk and banana, the peanut butter adds a smooth nutty flavour – hard to resist I tell you!

It’s quick, easy, filling and packed with all the goodness of both banana and milk. It’s a 5 minute meal that can be enjoyed on it’s own as breakfast or with a cupcake, a slice of brownie or with chocolate chip cookies. Yeah I’m a sweet tooth!

Here are a few health benefits of banana milkshake. You could make it with skimmed milk unfortunately I weigh less than 70kg so I use whole milk, makes sense right ? Right! đŸ™‚

Both banana and milk are rich in potassium and manganese which aid in bone health and muscle function. Contrary to general belief banana is fat and  cholesterol free so pairing it with whole milk is okay.

Milk contains calcium which is good for the bones and also high in protein. Banana on the other hand contains energy giving carbohydrates which makes this a complete meal. Banana helps with depression and PMS, aids in digestion and relaxation . Also contains fibre, antioxidants and regulates blood pressure due to its low salt content … the list goes on!

All you need for this recipe is

2 firm bananas

I tablespoon of smooth peanut butter

3/4 cup of milk (I prefer Hollandia)


Combine all your ingredients into a blender or smoothie maker and blend! That easy.

Serve chilled!

Add a little effizy to it if you like just like I did in mine.



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