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July 2, 2013
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The Most amazing thing happened this week, I just had to share. I got back from Abuja over the weekend and brought back with me lots of vegetables. Among them spring onions also called scallions. I bought a huge bunch, though it cost me NGN 250 its worth about NGN 2000 here in Lagos- Can’t blame a sister.

The main reason I bought the onions is because while I was in the north, spring onions added a certain flavour to dishes especially Indomie. Here in Lagos, when I cut spring onions I can use the same hand to scratch my eyes, nose, pick my teeth and not even notice-just joking but you catch my drift. Unlike the ones grown in the north, you dare not stroke your eyebrows let alone touch your eyes. Your eyes will be too watery for you to see anyway so no chance of that happening. My point is they are almost as spicy as regular onions. They burst with flavour and add a really nice savoury taste to dishes.

So I washed them, cut them into thin slices, shared them into two Ziploc bags and placed them in my deep freezer. The most harrowing thing happened! The next morning I almost threw up when I opened the freezer. The entire freezer smelt of onions! The spring onions didn’t spoil, it just decided to prove to me it had an aroma filled nature. l started to rack my brain on what to do-then I remembered on Clara’s Corner blackberry group, someone had shared a food tip about putting cut up Irish potatoes in the fridge to rid it of odours. I decided to give it a try, after doubling the nylon and the smell wouldn’t go away, what else did I have to loose?

šŸ™‚ Didn’t have to loose a thing because it worked! On the 2nd day the odour was completely gone! Quite relieving all thanks to our dear Irish potato aka chips /French fries alias odour buster!


1 medium sized potato peeled and cut into 4 wedges was all it took! šŸ˜€

I have searched online and can’t find any reason why it rid my freezer of onion smell. All I could find were health benefits of grilled or baked potatoes. Will share that with us in our recipe for next week- Chinese Cabbage and Egg plant Stir fry served with baked Irish potatoes! Ā šŸ˜‰ mouthwatering huh?

Have a blessed weekend!

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