Golden French toast and Sautéed sausages.

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Golden French toast and sautéed sausages

Golden French toast and sautéed sausages

Golden French toast and sautéed sausages

In this part of the world we are not used to tagging certain foods as comfort foods but I assure you they exist and we eat them everyday without realising it. Here’s a clue, those meals that make you feel good after eating them or foods you eat when you do feel good or don’t feel good. They lift your mood because you know you just had a special meal. Certain factors trigger cravings for comfort foods such as weather, mood swings and stress. Naturally our environment determines the sort of comfort foods we eat because of what’s available to us. Moi-moi and Ogi, akara, fried plantain and eggs, ice-cream, the list is endless. Today I will share one of my favourites- French toast and sautéed sausages, a recipe I put together myself.


For the toast you need:

3 medium sized eggs

1/2 cup of milk

8 slices of bread

2 tablespoons of maple syrup

1 drop of vanilla essence or 2 drops of banana essence

2 drops of yellow food colouring

8 teaspoons of vegetable Oil

In a deep but wide bowl, beat the eggs and milk together. Add the maple syrup gently or sugar if you wish and mix(it should be to your taste)*.

Add 1 drop of vanilla essence and 2 drops of yellow food colouring and mix together.

In a non-stick pan heat 1 tablespoon of oil, dip both sides of the bread in the egg mixture and fry.

Reduce the heat so it takes its time to fry and not burn. *Use a flat frying spoon to fry the bread and press each side as it fries so the center which is the thickest part of the bread doesn’t get soggy.

Golden French toast

Golden French toast

While the bread is frying, slice the sausages in a slant motion, makes it taste more exotic :-), slice the onions in rings, then chop up the pepper.

The *sausage sauce is referred to sautéed which means- fried fast! So make sure you are done frying the bread which shouldn’t take more than 5 mins each so you can concentrate on the sauce. Fry bread till golden brown and crisp.


For the sauce you need:

4 sausages

1 medium sized onion

4 tablespoons peri-peri sauce/chilli sauce/ ketchup

1 fresh pepper

A pinch of thyme and black pepper

1 Maggi cube

1 cooking spoon of oil

On medium heat, in the same non-stick pan heat 1 cooking spoon of oil. Add your onions and a sprinkle of salt, a pinch of thyme and stir.

Keep stirring as it fries. After 1 minute add your sausages and pepper. Continue stirring.

Add a sprinkle of black pepper and the Maggi cube and continue stirring.


After 2 mins, add your Peri-peri sauce, taste for salt and keep stirring.

After 5 mins…its ready!

Sautéed Sausages

Sautéed Sausages

Turn off heat and enjoy with a hot cup of tea! The reason I used 3 eggs and 8 slices of bread is because the idea is to share this meal with a friend or a loved one while watching a movie or over hot gist! ;-).

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